Thursday, December 26, 2013

Simple & Easy Git awesomeness for your bash prompt

Previously I had been using an old recipe published by Neil Ford some years ago to display source control info in my bash prompt. It worked fairly well for a long time and was compatible with SVN, Git, and even CVS. However lately it's been acting a bit flaky so I decided to refactor it. My goal was to display the repo name, current branch and indicate if the working state was dirty.

In doing my homework I learned that Git now distributes some helpful functions for displaying Git info in your Bash prompt. They also provide bash tab completion for Git commands!! WIN!

Here's a quick Gist showing what I had to do:
And here is the result. Repo name followed by branch name in parens. The '%' indicates I have untracked files in my working directory. For a better description of what indicators are used, read through the documentation in

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  1. For even more Bash awesome, install Autojump to make navigating directories fun