Thursday, July 19, 2012

What processes do you use?

I am often asked how we deliver software here at Dix Communications, to which I reply, “Our way”. Over the years I have been exposed to a variety of methodologies for developing and releasing software; the list includes RUP, eXtremeProgramming, Lean, Scrum, and even some Waterfall. The one aspect of all of those that sticks out above the rest is the opening sentence in Kent Beck’s book ‘Extreme Programming Explained’, “XP is about social change”.
Charles is happy! His tests are GREEN!

Everything about a software project requires social interaction. So if you are looking to improve your projects chances of success, look for ways to improve the social interaction with your project. Agile, Lean, eXtreme Programming and Scrum all introduce ways to improve social interaction and we have taken a best of bread approach that suits our needs and that is what we use here in the Digital dept.

In forthcoming posts I will describe which techniques we have found instrumental to us building and delivering successful software applications.

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